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Aquarium Curator (half-time)
Poulsbo, WA

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A child alongside her mother, peers into a deep tanks at the SEA Discovery Center

Discover local marine life through interactive aquarium exhibits.


A feathery orange and white Plumose-Anemone, photo by Gerrit-Reinders is starkly lit with a black background.

Explore school programs, tours and special exhibits and events.


A SEA Discovery Center Volunteer holds a touch tank plastic bucket for a child to reach into.

Become a SEA volunteer and join a community of marine enthusiasts!


A child wearing a blue life jacket peers into a microscope.

Contribute to marine conservation and climate change education.


A glorious sunset over the marina from the deck of the SEA Discovery Center.

Host your next event at SEA for a one-of-a-kind experience.


The front of the SEA Center with a line of colorful flags flying.

Learn more about SEA’s history, mission and meet our team.