Elementary Discovery Days Online

First through Fifth grade scientists learn more about the wonders of science through engaging STEM activities on Tuesdays from 10-11 a.m.

These lessons were designed for single household use. If you have a group over 5, please contact us about special group pricing by email

If you register the day of the event, please email SEAeducation@wwu.edu or call 360-440-8458 to receive your meeting link and lesson support packet.


June 23, 2020: Curious About Crabs
What are crabs? How are they the same? Different? This session includes looking at live crabs up close, hands-on activity to do at home, and a craft.

June 30, 2020: Tree Structures and Functions 
How does a tree work? What are its parts? Look closely at a tree (including wood cookies) to learn about the secret life of trees and make a “tree vest.”

July 7, 2020: Kitchen Science
Explore a variety of activities from chemistry to physics with hands-on experiments. Use ingredients from your kitchen to conduct simple experiments and make some amazing things like gak while learning the science behind the fun.

July 14, 2020: Classifying Marine Animals
Which animal does not belong? Look closely at live marine animals to determine which animals belong in a group together and which one doesn’t. Examine over 12 different marine animals.

July 21, 2020: Looking Closely at Leaves
What tree (or plant) is this? Look closely at leaves and other parts to identify trees/plants. Make a nature journal and leaf press for your leaf collection and make leaf prints.

July 28, 2020: Water Wonders
Explore hands-on, inquiry-based science with water activities that include becoming a water drop to explore the grand journey water goes through around and throughout the earth. Plus build a water cycle model, and more. Water is beautiful and powerful and EVERYWHERE!

August 4, 2020: Color and Camouflage
Who is hiding in the waters? Can you see? Join us for fun "kitchen science" as we explore color and how animals use color. This session features a story, science and art activities to do at home and "aquarium hunt" to find camouflaged animals.

August 11, 2020: Building Challenges
Become an engineer and solve problems! Face a variety of building challenges---who will meet the challenge?

August 18, 2020: Tree Treasures 
What are trees used for? Who lives in or around your tree? How big is your tree? Choose a tree to explore up close for evidence of animals and determine its size and the amount of lumber the tree could produce. The session ends creatively with using tree knowledge, observations, and imagination to write a tree poem.

August 25, 2020: Sounds All Around 
What is sound? What role does sound play in  the marine ecosystem? Learn the physics of sound through hands-on activities. Test yourself---can you read a spectrogram? Conclude the session with building a sound instrument.

Can't attend the program you're interested in on the date listed? That's okay! Register for it any time between now and September 7, 2020 and receive a video recording of the session (approximately one week after the live session), along with any support materials.

Youth program participants and staff must abide by all University regulations and program rules.

A group of young students gather crouched around their instructor, heads down learning about Sealife on the beach

At a Glance

Grades: 1-5 

Dates: Tuesdays, June 23 - August 25, 2020

Times: 10 - 11 a.m.

Cost: $15 per class/$120 summer subscription

NOTE: Online program